Vinsol® Resin Processing Aid for Polyvinyl Chloride Resins

Catalog Number Q041
Definition Is a dark color, natural thermoplastic resin that has been extracted from pinewood.
Also available solid, in flakes, or as an aqueous dispersion.
CAS Number 8050-09-7
Application Adhesives, asphalt emulsions, electrical insulation, inks, plastic.
It is an excellent processing aid for injection, extrusion and compression molding of PVC homopolymer and copolymer resin. Its use lowers processing temperatures, enhances resin flow and retains desirable rigidity.
Technical Data

Typical Properties

 Specific gravity at 25°C  1.22
 Softening point, (a) °C  125
 Flash point (COC), °C  265
 Volume resistivity, ohm-cm at 25°C
 1.3 x 10 15
 Form  Pulverized

Packaging & Handling 50 Lb bags. 50 bags per pallet. 2500Lbs per pallet.

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