Triethanolamine 99%

Catalog Number Q220
Definition Is the reaction of ethylene oxide and amonia. Miscible with water, alcohol; soluble in chloroform; sligtly soluble in benzene and ether.
CAS Number 102-71-6
Application Intermediate in the manufacture of surfactants, textile specialties, waxes, polishes, toiletries, cutting oils, fatty acid soaps (drycleaning), cosmetic, household detergents, emulsions, solvent for casein, shellac, dyes, dispersion agent, water repellent.
Technical Data
Requirements Limits Methods
Water 0.2% by weight, max. 1B-17A-0.2
Triethanolamine 99.0% by weight, min. 1B-17A3-1.1
Diethanolamine 0.5% by weight, max. 1B-17A3-1.1
Equivalent weight 148 to 150 1B-17A-0.3
Iron 20 ppm by weight, max. 1B-17A-0.4
Color 40 platinum-cobalt, max. 1B-17A-0
Suspended matter Substantially free 1B-17A-0

Suplemental Quality Description
The following properties are not determined on shipment samples.
Typical values are:
Specific Gravity,
at 20/20 C
1.1240 to 1.1270 1B-17A-0
Odor Characteristic with no unusual or strong ammoniacal odor
Packaging & Handling Packed in 510 Lb net steel drums

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